Chapter 2.  Private Schools

Section 12.201.  Establishment.
Section 12.202.  Oversight; compliance.

      Section 12.201.  Establishment.

     (1)  A person wanting to establish a private school makes written application to the Department of Education for a charter.  The signed application states:

     (a)  the applicant's name;

     (b)  the school's proposed location;

     (c)  the course and language of instruction; and

     (d)  other information as the Department may require by regulation.

     (2)  The Department Director reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the Governor.  Upon approval of the application the Governor issues to the applicant a charter in a form determined by the Governor, authorizing the establishment of a private school.

     (3)  A person may establish a private school only in conformity with this chapter.  A charter valid when the Code takes effect remains in effect.

     (4)  The Government does not honor or give credit to a student's attendance at a private school established without compliance with this chapter.

      Section 12.202.  Oversight; compliance.
      A private school is subject to the oversight of the Department of Education and complies with the Department's regulations regarding personal hygiene and structural safety.  The Department may require a private school to submit regular reports of attendance and other matters of public concern.  Failure to comply with law or regulation subjects an offending private school to revocation or suspension of its charter.