GCO 1999-1

May 27, 1999


     This order is issued to establish:  (1) procedural rules governing requests for the review of sentences to determine eligibility for parole; and, (2) guidelines to be followed in the event a sentence review is undertaken following such a request.  These rules are promulgated pursuant to the Chief Justice's rulemaking authority under Section 9, Article XI of the Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia and 11 F.S.M.C. 1401 which authorizes the review of sentences to determine eligibility for parole and permits the Chief Justice to create rules to implement the statute.

     Citations to these rules shall be as follows:  FSM Par. R. followed by the rule number and subpart of the rule cited.

     NOW THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the rules governing Parole Requests and Review Procedures attached hereto are adopted and shall become effective August 1, 1999.  These rules shall govern requests for review of sentences filed after this effective date and sentence reviews undertaken thereafter.

*    *    *    *