GCO 1992-1

April 9, 1992


     For purposes of transition, the assignment of civil cases filed with the FSM Supreme Court Trial Division in Pohnpei is as follows:

A.  Justice Richard H. Benson - Berman v. Pohnpei State, Civ. No. 1991-053, has been assigned to Justice Benson.

B.  Justice Andon Amaraich - The following cases, and all cases filed with this Court in Pohnpei after October 8, 1991, that is, No. 1991-062 et seq., assigned to Justice Andon Amaraich.

     Youngstrom v. Youngstrom, Civ. No. 1990-067

     FSM Development Bank v. Paul & Yunis Salvador, Civ. No. 1990-070

     Bank of FSM v. Albert, Civ. No. 1990-084

     Bank of FSM v. Yakahna, Civ. No. 1990-094

     Bank of FSM v. Welson, Civ. 1991-008

     FSM v. Toshitane Kaisho Kaien Maru No. 22, Civ. 1991-010

     UMDA v. Roque, Civ. No. 1991-011

     Jackson v. Paul et al., Civ. No. 1991-014

     FSM Telecommunication Corp. v. Iokapus, Civ. No. 1991-031

     FSM Telecommunication Corp. v. Ching, Civ. No. 1991-032

     FSM Telecommunication Corp. v. Kotaro, Civ. No. 1991-035

     FSM Telecommunication Corp. v. Tipeno, Civ. No. 1991-037

     Soder Salvador v. Wustig and Santos, Civ. No. 1991-043

     Bank of the FSM v. Pablo, Civ. No. 1991-044

     Bank of the FSM v. Yangeluo, Civ. No. 1991-045

     Bank of the FSM v. James, Civ. No. 1991-046

     Bank of the FSM v. Ioanis, Civ. No. 1991-047

     Bank of the FSM v. Santos, Civ. No. 1991-051

     Bank of the FSM v. George, Civ. No. 1991-052

     Nih Corporation v. FSM, Civ. No. 1991-054

     PT&S v. Wade, Civ. No. 1991-055

     Leo Store v. John and A & R Store, Civ. 1991-057

     Bank of the FSM v. Reyes, Civ. 1991-058

     Bank of the FSM v. Frank, Civ. 1991-059

     Augustine v. Katayama, Saito et al., Civ. 1991-060

C.  Chief Justice Edward C. King - All other cases currently pending before this Court in Pohnpei, except for the cases of Liwi v. Finn, Civ. 1992-030 and Jano v. King, Civ. No. 1991-061, the two cases assigned by Justice Richard H. Benson, acting in the capacity of Acting Chief Justice, to Temporary Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong, shall remain the responsibility of Chief Justice Edward C. King.

*    *    *    *