GCO 1983-4

December 15, 1983


     This Order supersedes and replaces the earlier General Court Order No. 1983-3, which should be DISCARDED.

     The forms of citation to legal authority indicated herein shall be used in all documents filed with this Court.  A standardized format is used in order to promote clarity, completeness, and ease of locating cited material.

     1.  GENERALLY.

     The official citation form shall be as prescribed in the latest edition of a Uniform System of Citation (available from The Harvard Law Review Association Gannett House, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138), except as provided in 1(a), below.  Citation form for FSM and Trust Territory legal authority is set out in (2) and (3), respectively, below.

(a)  Parallel citations to United States Supreme Court cases shall be given because only one of the applicable reporters may be available in FSM law libraries:

Complete Auto Transit, Inc. v. Brady, 430 U.S. 274, 97 S. Ct. 1076, 51 L. Ed. 2d 326 (1977).

(b)  Subsequent history, however, need to be cited only to the U.S. reporter:
Sprunt v. Denver & R.G.W.R.R., 340 P.2d 85 (Utah 1959), cert. denied, 361 U.S. 900 (1959)

(c)  Pinpoint cites (references to specific pages) shall be given for the U.S. reporter and as convenient for the unofficial reporters:

Darr v. Burford, 339 U.S. 200, 204-10, 70 S. Ct. 587, 509-93, 94 L. Ed. 761 (1950).


(a)     FSM Supreme Court cases:

               (1)     Trial division.  Show state of decision.  State shall be identified as Kos., Pon., Truk, Yap.;

Lonno v. Trust Territory (I), 1 FSM Intrm. 53 (Kos. 1982).

(2)  Appellate division:

Alaphonso v. FSM, 1 FSM Intrm. 209 (App. 1982).

(b)     FSM Constitution:

FSM Const. art. X, 3(a).

          (c)     FSM statutes:

               If codified:

                    40 F.S.M.C. 401.

          If uncodified, cite by public law number:

                    Pub. L. No. 1-134, 1st Cong., 4th Reg. Sess. 1980).

          (d)     FSM Supreme Court rules:

               Sp. Joint R. 1
               FSM Adm. R. I(A)
               FSM App. R. 2
               FSM Civ. R. 12
               FSM Crim. R. 42(a)
               FSM Evid. R. 401
               FSM GCO 1981-1

          (e)     FSM constitutional history materials:

                    I J. of Micro. Con. Con. 299

               If a committee report:

                    SCREP No. 14, II J. of Micro. Con. Con. 783.
(f)     FSM legislative history material:

J. of 1st Cong. 2nd Reg. Sess. 73 (1979).

               If a committee report:

SCREP No. 1-121, J. of 1st Cong., 2nd Reg. Sess. 239 (1979).

          (g)     Congress of Micronesia legislative history material:

Senate J. of 4th Cong., 2nd Reg. Sess. 145-49 (1972)
House J. of 4th Cong., 2nd Reg. Sess. 83 (1972)

               If a committee report:

SCREP No. 119, Senate J. of 4th Cong., 2nd Cong. Sess. 410-11 (1972)

(h)     Administrative and executive material:

FSM Pub. Serv. Reg. 18.4
Exec. Pol. 7, 1 (Jan. 5, 1982).
Exec. Proc. F103 (July 1, 1982).
Adm. Dir. 13 (Aug. 26, 1982).


          (a)     Trust Territory High Court cases:

               (1)     Trial division--show place of decision as: Kos., Marsh., Mrns., Pal., Pon., Truk, Yap.

Bini v. Mwedriktok, 5 TTR 451 (Marsh. 1971).

(2)     Appellate division:

Trust Territory v. Tarkong, 5 TTR 549 (App. 1971).

          (b)     United Nations Trusteeship Agreement:

Trusteeship Agreement for the Former Japanese Mandated Islands, July 18, 1947, United Nations-United States, 61 Stat. 3301, T.I.A.S. No. 1665, 8 U.N.T.S. 189, reprinted in FSM Code at 895-99 (1982).

          (c)  Joint Resolution of the United States Congress regarding the Trust Territory:

48 U.S.C. 81-1687, reprinted in FSM Code at 901-03 (1092).

(d)  United States Executive Order regarding the Trust Territory:
U.S. Exec. Order No. 11,021, 3 C.F.R. 600 (1985), reprinted in FSM Code at 907-09 (1982).

(e)  United States Department of Interior Secretarial Orders:

U.S. Dept. Int. Sec. Order 3039, 44 Fed. Reg. 28116 (1979), reprinted in FSM Code at 946-50 (1982).

(f)     Trust Territory statutes:

11 TTC 201

               For codifications earlier than 1980, also cite the date:

11 TTC 201 (1970)
                    TTC 378 (1966).