GCO 1982-5

December 28, 1982


     The Rules for Admission to Practice Before the Supreme Court of the Federated States of Micronesia are hereby amended, by adding the following new Paragraphs VI and VII.

VI.  Citizens Who Are Law Graduates To Be Certified As Trial Counselors.

Any citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia who graduates from a law school which meets the requirements specified in Rule II.A.2. shall be certified as a trial counselor entitled to practice law, under the supervision of an attorney, before the FSM Supreme Court, upon tendering to this Court satisfactory proof of these facts and moral and character certifications in compliance with Paragraph II.B. of these Rules of Admission.
VII.  The Code of Professional Responsibility

The Code of Professional Responsibility, as adopted by the American Bar Association as of this date, is hereby made applicable to the actions and practice of attorneys and trial counselors before this Court.  The word "lawyer" as it appears in the Code of Professional Responsibility shall be deemed to refer to attorneys and trial counselors practicing before this Court.  Note:  FSM Adm. R. VII has been amended again, by GCO 1983-2.

*     *     *     *