Common Name
Scientific Name
Plants or plant material Prohibited
Banana, Abaca, and Heliconia
Musaceae family and Heliconiaceae family
Plants, corms, and cut flowers except tissue cultures from buncy top disease, mosaic virus, Panama disease and bacterial disease including moko disease, black leaf streak and Sigatoka disease
Phaseolus spp.
All parts except seeds
Theobroma cacao and members of the families Bombaceae, Malvacease, Tiliaceae and Sturculiaceae
All except seeds from Asia Pacific Region
Citrus species and the following genera: Citropsis, Citrus, Eremocitrus, Fortunella, Microcitrus, Monanthocitrus, Pleurocitrus and Poncirus
All except fruit and seeds. Fruit from areas where citrus canker (Xanthomonas compestris p.v.citri (Hasse) Dye) occurs.All Murraya spp.
Coffea species
All propagating material except seed
Zea Mays L.
All except seed
All palms including Coconut and Betel Nut
Cocos species and all members of the family Palmae
All except nuts and pollen from areas approved by the Chief of Agriculture
Arachis hypogea L.
All except seed
Piper species
All except seed and tissue cultures
Potato (Irish)
Solanum tuberosum
All except tubers, true seed and tissue cultures
Sweet Potato
Ipomea batatas
All except pathogen tested tissue cultures and seed
Manihot esculenta
All except stems and tissue cultures from pathogen tested sources
Taro and edible aroids
Alocasia macrorrhiza L; Colocasia esculenta L; Crptosperma chamissonis (Schott) and Xanthosoma sagittifolium
All except seed and tissue cultures
Lycorpersicon esculentum (Miller)
All except fruit and seed
Dioscorea spp.
All except seed and tissue cultures