Citizenship may affect, among other legal interests, rights to own land, to engage in business or be employed, and even to reside within the Federated States of Micronesia. In re Sproat, 2 FSM Intrm. 1, 6 (Pon. 1985).

Article III, Sections l and 2, of the FSM Constitution are self-executing and do not contemplate, or imply the need for, court action to confirm citizenship where no challenge exists. In re Sproat, 2 FSM Intrm. 1, 7 (Pon. 1985).

The Citizenship and Naturalization Act places primary responsibility for administrative implementation upon the President, and contemplates that the Executive Branch, not the Judiciary, normally will determine and certify citizenship. In re Sproat, 2 FSM Intrm. 1, 7 (Pon. 1985).

Where there exists an actual controversy involving a concrete threat to citizenship rights and interests, the FSM Supreme Court could be constitutionally required to determine whether a person is or is not a citizen. In re Sproat, 2 FSM Intrm. 1, 7 (Pon. 1985).

Courts in the United States have ruled on citizenship status where that status determines the propriety of official administrative action and administrative remedies have been exhausted. In re Sproat, 2 FSM Intrm. 1, 7 (Pon. 1985).

Until 7 F.S.M.C. 204 goes into effect, it may be appropriate to take a liberal view in determining when a court ruling on citizenship status may be required to prevent injustice or to permit an individual to proceed with his own business or personal affairs. In re Sproat, 2 FSM Intrm. 1, 8 (Pon. 1985).
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