All aircraft entering FSM ports of entry are subject to immigration inspection, customs inspections, agricultural inspections and quarantines, and other administrative inspections authorized by law. In Chuuk, the Chuuk International Airport is the only port of entry for aircraft. FSM v. Joseph, 9 FSM Intrm. 66, 70 (Chk. 1999).

An agriculture quarantine inspector's duty is to enforce the provisions of plant and animal quarantine controls, quarantines, and regulations, the purpose of which is to protect the agricultural and general well-being of the people of the FSM from injurious insects, pests, and diseases. Goods entering or transported within the FSM can be inspected. Those goods known to be, or suspected of being, infected or infested with disease or pests may be refused entry into or movement within the FSM, and anything attempted to be brought into or transported within the FSM in contravention of the agricultural inspection scheme shall be seized and may be destroyed. FSM v. Joseph, 9 FSM Intrm. 66, 70 (Chk. 1999).
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