Student Assistance


General Assistance


321. Transportation of school children.
322. Residence assistance.
323. School feeding program.

321. Transportation of school children.

The Department may provide suitable transportation to and from school for all children in grades kindergarten through 12 and in special education classes. The Department shall adopt such policy, procedure, and program as it deems necessary to provide suitable transportation. In formulating the policy, procedure, and program, the Department shall consider the school district, the school attendance area in which a school child normally resides, the distance the school child lives from school, the availability of public carriers or other means of transportation, the frequency, regularity, and availability of public transportation, and the grade level, physical handicap, or special learning disability of a school child, and it may also consider conditions and circumstances unique or peculiar to a district, island, or community.

Source: COM PL 3C-36 29; TT Code 1970, 41 TTC 29; TT Code 1980, 41 TTC 29, modified.

322. Residence assistance.

Post-elementary students attending school under such circumstances that transportation cannot be provided on a daily basis shall be provided residence assistance by the Territory. Residence assistance may be provided in a public school dormitory operated by the department or may take the form of a daily subsistence payment made to a family with whom the student resides.

Source: COM PL 3C-36 30; TT Code 1970, 41 TTC 30; TT Code 1980, 41 TTC 30.

323. School feeding program.

(1) The Department may assist any community or district in establishing a school feeding program under such rules and regulation as the director may promulgate.

(2) The Department shall establish a feeding program for all schools having dormitory facilities. The program shall be operated under the general direction of the school principal with standards of health and cleanliness being prescribed by the director of Health Services.

Source: COM PL 3C-36 31; TT Code 1970, 41 TTC 31; Code 1980, 41 TTC 31.