Chapter 9:  Insanity

901.     Insanity at time of offense.
902.     Insanity at time of trial.

      901.  Insanity at time of offense.
     If it is ascertained by the court upon competent medical or other evidence that the accused at the time of committing the offense with which he is charged was so insane as not to know the nature and quality of his act, the court shall record a finding of such fact and may make an order pursuant to section 1802 of title 6 of this code.

Source:  TT Code 1966 493; TT Code 1970, 12 TTC 401; TT Code 1980, 12 TTC 401.

      902.  Insanity at time of trial.
     If the court ascertains that the accused is insane at the time of trial, the court shall adjourn the trial and order the accused to be detained as in section 901 of this chapter.

Source:  TT Code 1966 494; TT Code 1970, 12 TTC 402; TT Code 1980, 12 TTC 402.
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