Chapter 4:  Boards

§ 401.     Creation, appointment, terms, and qualifications of members.
§ 402.     Powers and duties of election board.

     § 401.  Creation, appointment, terms, and qualifications of members.
     The national election commissioner of each State, with the approval of the National Election Director, shall appoint a board of election for each election district on or before January 2nd of each election year whose members shall serve until resignation or until their successors are appointed.  The members shall be citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia registered to vote under the provisions of this act and be of such numbers as are necessary to have at least one board member present at each polling place.  No board member shall participate in an election campaign during his appointment.

Source:  PL 2-73 § 401; amended by PL 8-97 § 8.

     § 402.  Powers and duties of election board.
     Each board of election member shall have the following powers and duties:

     (1)     to perform all duties prescribed by law;

     (2)     to supervise and manage each polling place in the capacity of a pollworker;

     (3)     to receive, preserve, and maintain ballot boxes, locks, maps, cards of instructions, and other supplies and equipment necessary to conduct elections;

     (4)     to give such instruction deemed necessary for the orderly conduct of the election;

     (5)     to provide for the issuance of all notices and publications concerning elections;

     (6)     to review and examine the sufficiency and validity of nominating petitions and other documents where the national election commissioner or the National Election Director designates the board to act in his stead;

     (7)     to receive and transmit all ballot boxes, locked and sealed, to the national election commissioner;

     (8)     to receive, investigate, and decide on complaints concerning election irregularities and determine the residence qualifications of voters, subject to review according to chapter 9 of this title;

     (9)     to recommend to the national election commissioner designation of appropriate polling places within each voting precinct or election district, as may be deemed suitable and convenient to the public;

     (10)     to perform such other duties as are prescribed by law or rules issued by the national election commissioner or National Election Director; and

          (11)     to register electors.

Source:  PL 2-73 § 402; amended by PL 8-97 § 9 and PL 11-62 § 5.

Cross-reference:  Chapter 9 of this title is on Procedure for Recounts and Appeals.

Case annotations:  The National Election Commissioner has the power to establish voting precincts and designate polling places upon the recommendation of the members of the board of elections of the particular election district.  Aten v. National Election Comm’r (II), 6 FSM Intrm. 74, 76-77 (App. 1993).