DRAFT CSC, Title 31.  Vehicles
General Provisions

1001.  Title.
1002.  Definitions.
1003.  Severability.

      1001.  Title.
     This act Title shall be known and may be cited as the "Chuuk State Motor Vehicle Code of 1995."

Source:  3-95-18, 1 (101), modified.

      1002.  Definitions.
     The following words and phrases when used in this code Title shall have the meanings:

     (a) (1)  "Bicycle" means any motorless contrivance operated with no more than three wheels in contact with the ground and propelled by human power.

     (b) (2)  "Commercial vehicle" means motor vehicle used or maintained for the transportation or carriage of persons or property for hire, compensation or profit.

     (c) (3)  "Crosswalk" means that potion of a roadway ordinarily included within the prolongation or connection of curb lines at intersections, or any other portion of a roadway clearly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other markings on the surface.

     (d) (4)  "Director" means the Director of Public Safety.

     (e) (5)  "Foreign Vehicle" means every  motor vehicle or trailer which shall be brought into the State and which has not been registered therein.

     (f) (6)  "Highway" means every way or place of whatever nature open to the use of the public, as a matter of right, for purposes of vehicular travel.

     (g) (7)  "Intersection" means the area embraced within the prolongation or connection of the lateral curb lines or, if none, then of the lateral boundary lines of two or more highways which join one another at an angle, whether or not one highway crosses the other.

     (h) (8)  "Metal tires" means all tires the surface of which, in contact with the highway, are wholly or partly of metal or other hard, non-resilient material.

     (i) (9)  "Moped" means a motor-driven vehicle both with or without pedals to permit propulsion by human power and with a motor which produces not more than 3.0 horse power and which is not capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed in excess of 40 mph on level ground.  If an internal combustion engine is used, the displacement shall not exceed 3.0 horse power and the moped shall have a power drive system that functions directly or automatically without clutching or shifting by the operator after the drive system is engaged.

     (j) (10)  "Motorcycle" means a motor vehicle, other than a moped or tractor, designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground.

     (k) (11)  "Motor Vehicle" means every vehicle, as defined in this section, which is self-propelled.

     (l) (12)  "Official traffic signs" means all signs and markings not inconsistent with this Code Title which are placed or erected by authority of a public body or official having jurisdiction, for the purpose of guiding, directing, warning, and regulating traffic.

     (m) (13)  "Operator" means every person who is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a highway.

     (n) (14)  "Owner" means a person or a government agency who holds the legal title to a vehicle.  If a vehicle is the subject of an agreement for the conditional sale or lease thereof with the right  of purchase upon performance of the conditions stated in the agreement and with an immediate right of possession vested in the conditional vendee or lessee, or if a mortgagor of a vehicle is entitled to possession, then such conditional vendee or lessee or mortgagor shall be deemed the owner for the purpose of this code Title.

     (o) (15)  "Pedestrian" means a human being walking, standing, sitting or existing on or within three (3) feet of the outside edge of a street or highway.

     (p) (16)  "Person" means any natural person, firm, co-partnership, association or corporation.

     (q) (17)  "Policeman" means any member of the Chuuk State Police.

     (r) (18)  "Road" means that definition specified above at . Highway. .

     (s) (19)  "Right-of-way" means the privilege of the immediate use of the highway.

     (t) (20)  "School bus" means a motor vehicle used to transport children to or from school or in connection with school activities.

     (u) (21)  "State" means the State of Chuuk, Federated State of Micronesia.

     (v) (22)  "Street" means that definition specified above at . Highway. .

     (w) (23)  "Taxicab" or "Taxi" means a commercial vehicle used or maintained for the transportation or carriage of persons for hire, compensation or profit.
     (x) (24)  "Trailer" means every vehicle without motor power designed to carry property or passengers wholly on its own structure and to be drawn by a motor vehicle.

     (y) (25)  "Vehicle" means every device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway, except devices moved by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.

Source:  3-95-18, 1 (102), modified.

      1003.  Severability.
     If any provision of this Chapter Act, or the application thereof to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions or applications of the Chapter Act which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this Chapter Act are severable.

Source:  3-95-18, 3, modified.