DRAFT CSC, Title 17.  Economic Development
(Mortlock Islands Development Authorities)

Note:  TSL 4-82 established a Development Authority for all of the Mortlock Islands.  It was amended by 2-12 [5-12] with regard to its Board members. TSL 5-107 decreased the area of service to include only the mid-Mortlocks. TSL 5-110 and 5-118 established Development Authorities for the lower and upper Mortlocks, respectively.
TSL's 5-107, 5-110 and 5-118 were repealed by CSL 3-96-03 which established one Mortlock Development Authority for all of the region's islands.  CSL 3-96-03 was later repealed by CSL 4-98-40, thereby leaving the Mortlock Islands without any development authorities.