DRAFT CSC, Title 12.  Crimes and Punishment

4051.  Prohibition of gambling.

      4051.  Prohibition of gambling.
     Any person who wagers, bets, or gambles money or causes, permits or allows money to be wagered, bet or gambled in any public place shall upon conviction thereof be fined not more than $100.00, or imprisoned not more than 30 thirty days, or both.  Nothing in this Section shall make it unlawful or punishable for any nonprofit organization, certified as such by the Treasurer, to conduct raffles, lotteries, or bingo games in order to raise money for any educational, charitable, or public purpose.

Source:  CSL 6-66, 801.

Cross-reference:  For other statutory provisions on gambling and other forms of vice, see Chapter 28 on Prohibition on Certain Forms of Vice.