DRAFT CSC, Title 10.  Boards and Commission
The Planning Commission

1201.  Short title.
1202.  Creation.
1203.  Organization.
1204.  Compensation.
1205.  Operating procedures.
1206.  Responsibilities and powers of the Commission.
1207.  Responsibilities of the Planning Director and staff.
1208.  Responsibility of the Governor.
1209.  Appropriation authorization.

      120l.  Short title.
     This act Chapter shall be known and may be cited as the Truk District Chuuk State Planning Commission Act.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 2, modified.

      1202.  Creation.
     The Truk District Chuuk State Planning Commission, hereinafter referred to as the Commission, is hereby created.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 3, modified.

      1203.  Organization.
     The Commission shall consist of seven voting members.  The voting members shall be appointed by the Truk District Administrator Governor with the advice and consent of the President and Speaker of the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature. The term of office shall be two years.  Appointments to fill vacancies shall be made by the Truk District Administrator Governor with the advice and consent of the President and Speaker of the Legislature and such appointments shall be for the remainder of the unexpired term.  No member may be simultaneously an employee of the Commission.  The District State Director of Public Works and the Land Management Officer shall serve as ex-officio non-voting members of the Commission.  The Commission shall elect a chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer at the first meeting; provided, however, that the first meeting shall be called by the Truk District Administrator who shall serve as chairman until the Commission shall elect a chairman.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 4, modified.

      1204.  Compensation.
     All members of the Commission shall be entitled to such compensation or allowance in lieu or compensation as provided by law when actually performing functions of the Commission at the direction of the chairman; provided, however, that those members who are government employees and who attend meetings during their regular hours shall not be entitled to compensation or allowance other than their regular salary.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 5.

      1205.  Operating Procedures.
     The Commission shall hold elections for the position of chairman, vice-chairman, and treasurer.  Any member may be removed from office by the District Administrator Governor for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or misconduct in office, after sufficient notice and opportunity for a hearing before the District Administrator Governor.  The Board shall hold a regular meeting each quarter and such special meetings as the Planning Director deems necessary, subject to the limitations imposed by law.  A Planning Director shall be appointed by the District Administrator Governor, with the advice and consent of the President and Speaker of the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature.  The Planning Director shall be the administrative and technical advisor and secretary of the Board.  He shall be a person qualified by training, experience, and demonstrated ability to manage the affairs of planning.  The Planning Director shall select his own staff.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 6, modified.

      1206.  Responsibilities and powers of the Commission.
     The Commission shall be charged with the following:

     a. (1)  To recommend to the District State Legislature zoning, building and construction codes which, when enacted, shall have the effect of law;

     b. (2)  To adopt, amend, supplement, change, or repeal plans and other planning matters;

     c. (3)  To conduct hearings on code disputes and zoning variances.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 7, modified.

      1207.  Responsibilities of the Planning Director and staff.
     The Planning Director and his staff shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

     a. (1)  To prepare and maintain comprehensive district conservation plans and to present such plans to the Commission;

     b. (2)  To prepare and recommend to the Commission plans as may be necessary or desirable for the orderly and rational growth of the State District;

     c. (3)  To present an annual budget of the Commission for approval,

     d. (4)  To maintain and audit the books of the Commission;

     e. (5)  To prepare proposed zoning, building and construction codes, housing, subdivision and other codes, and amendments thereof, and present such proposals to the Commission;

     f. (6)  To undertake such other assignments as may be created by the Commission;

     g. (7)  To make recommendations, to be transmitted to the appropriate government, on all administrative actions which in any manner, shall affect:

     1. (a)  All codes enacted or adopted;

     2. (b)  The Comprehensive District State Conservation Plan;

     3. (c)  The District State CIP Budget;

     4. (d)  The acquisition or sale of public lands and construction of utilities or facilities.

     It shall be the duty of all government agencies to submit any action pertaining to the above items to the Commission for its review and recommendations.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 8, modified.

      1208.  Responsibility of theDistrict Administrator Governor.
     The functions of the Commission shall be carried out under the general supervision of the Governor District Administrator who shall receive copies of all Commission proceedings, reports, programs and policies and other data as he may require.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 9, modified.

      1209.  Authorization appropriation.
     There is hereby authorized an annual appropriation of such sum or so much thereof as may be necessary for the expenses of the Commission, such expenses to include direct expenses, the salaries of the Planning Director and other employees, operating expenses, other related costs, and miscellaneous costs as determined by the Commission.

Source:  TDL 21-30, 10.