DRAFT CSC, Title 10.  Boards and Commission
Qualifications of Members of
Boards and Commissions

1001.  Definition.
1002.  Qualifications.

      1001.  Definition.
      For the purpose of this Chapter, "boards and commissions" shall include boards, commissions, authorities, councils, and other bodies established by the Truk District Legislature or the Chuuk State Legislature other than a committee of the legislature.

Source:  TDL 26-1-9, 1 (171), modified.

Editor's note:  TDL 26-1-9 that created this Chapter was signed into law by the District Administrator on August 17, 1976.

      1002.  Qualifications.

     (1)  No person shall be eligible to simultaneously serve as a member of more than two boards or commissions.

     (2)  No person who serves as a member on a board or commission created by Trust Territory Federated States of Micronesia law, regulation or executive order, or by District Administrative order of the Governor, shall be eligible to simultaneously serve as a member on more than one board or commission.

Source:  TDL 26-1-9, 1 (172), modified.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provision on certain restrictions of Members of the Legislature  serving on boards and commissions is found in Art. V, Section 9(a) of the Chuuk State Constitution.