DRAFT CSC, Title 7. Municipal Affairs
Magistrates Interim Committee

1251.  Establishment and membership.
1252.  Functions and responsibilities.
1253.  Appropriation.

      1251.  Establishment and membership.
     There shall be established within the Truk District Chuuk State a Magistrates Interim Committee consisting of ten magistrates to be elected by and among the magistrates of municipalities within the Truk District Chuuk State.  Election to membership and term of office shall be as provided by rules and procedures to be established by the magistrates themselves, subject to the approval of the District Administrator Governor.  The first such election shall be held during the first Magistrates Conference held after April 9, 1960, the effective date of this Chapter.

Source:  23 TDC 1, modified

      1252.  Functions and responsibilities.
     The functions and responsibilities of the Magistrates Interim Committee shall include, but not be limited to the following:

     (1)  To provide advisory and consultative services to the District Administrator Governor; and where requested, to the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature on matters affecting the social, educational, economic, and political advancement of the municipalities;

     (2)  To assist the District Administrator Governor, when requested, in the development of long-range programs to ensure compatibility of such programs to the local customs and traditions;

     (3)  To assist the District Administrator Governor in the development of legislative proposals for submission to the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature on matters having an effect on the public welfare and security of the municipalities;

     (4)  To represent the magistrates on all pertinent matters during the interim period between the convening of Magistrates Conferences; and

     (5)  To assist in and be responsible for the promulgation of all laws, policies, and directives issued by the Trust Territory Federated States of Micronesia and the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature.

Source:  23 TDC 2, modified.

      1253.  Appropriation.
     From the funds appropriated pursuant to this Chapter, the District State Treasurer shall, in accordance with Chapter 3 of this Title, pay a per diem of five dollars per meeting day to Magistrates or persons acting in their place, at any meeting of the Magistrates Interim Committee.  Pre-meeting and post-meeting per diem, when required to be paid by law, shall be governed by the provisions of Section 53 103 of Chapter 3 of this Title.

Source:  23 TDC 3, modified.