DRAFT CSC, Title 7. Municipal Affairs
Municipal Operations Fund

1151.  Establishment.
1152.  Administration.
1153.  Report.
1154.  Allocation.
1155.  Appropriation authorization.

      1151.  Establishment.
     There is hereby established the Municipal Operations and Projects Fund for the purpose of funding operational expenses of municipalities in Truk District Chuuk State, and providing funds for municipal projects and programs.  Not more than 50 fifty percent of the funds allocated to each municipality shall be expended for payment of compensation, expenses, and office supplies of municipal officials and staff in the performance of their official municipal duties.  No municipal official or staff member who is also an employee of the Trust Territory Government Federated States of Micronesia Government or the Chuuk State Government shall be eligible for compensation during his hours of employment with Trust Territory Government the Federated States of Micronesia Government or the Chuuk State Government.  No municipal official or staff member shall be eligible to receive compensation for more than one position held in the municipal government.

Source:  TDL 25-33, 1 (81), as amended by TDL 26-22, 1 (81) and TDL 27-36, 1 (81), modified.

      1152.  Administration.
     The magistrate of each municipality shall be authorized to administer the funds, as directed by municipal ordinance.  The municipal ordinance shall establish the amount and manner of compensation, expenses and office supplies for municipal officials and staff, and shall be consistent with the provisions of this Chapter. Upon the presentation of proof by the magistrate that the ordinance has become effective, the District State Treasurer shall begin payment to the municipality.  The funds shall be disbursed to the municipalities on a quarterly basis.

Source:  TDL 25-33, 1 (82), as amended by TDL 26-22, 1 (82), modified.

      1153.  Report.
     The Magistrate of each municipality shall submit a report and accounting on the use of the funds, with copies of the ordinances authorizing and directing expenditures of funds, to the Legislature on or before May 1 of the Fiscal Year of the appropriation.  A municipality shall use the funds obtained under this Chapter only for the purposes stated in Section 81 1151 and as directed in its municipal ordinance.  If the fund is expended or used for any other purposes or in any way misappropriated, the person who is found to have misappropriated or misused the fund shall personally repay to the General Fund of the Truk Legislature Chuuk State the total amount misappropriated or misused.  A municipality is eligible to receive funds from the General Fund of the Legislature Chuuk State under this Chapter when a report and accounting is submitted and accepted by the Legislature or a committee thereof.

Source:  TDL 25-33, 1 (83), as amended by TDL 26-22, 1 (81), TDL 27-36, 3 (83) and TSL 2-1-9, 1(83), modified.

      1154.  Allocation.
     The allocation of funds among the municipalities shall be determined by the annual appropriation establishing the amount of funds for each municipality to be based on the following, but in no event shall the amount be less than required under Article VIII, Section 6 of the Chuuk State Constitution.

Municipal Residents     Amount

(1)       100 or less       $1,000.00
(2)       101 to 200          1,500.00
(3)       201 to 300          2,000.00
(4)       301 to 401          2,500.00
(5)       401 to 500          3,000.00
(6)       501 to 600          3,500.00
(7)       601 to 800          4,500.00
(8)       801 to 1,000       5,500.00
(9)    1,001 to 1,500       7,000.00
(10)  1,501 to 2,000       8,000.00
(11)  2,001 to 3,000       9,500.00
(12)  3,001 to 5,000     12,500.00
(13)  5,001 or more      15,000.00

Source:  TDL 25-33, 1 (84), as amended by TDL 26-22, 3 (84), TDL 27-36, 3 (84), and TDL 27-1-22, 1, modified.

      1155.  Appropriation authorization.
     There is hereby authorized an annual appropriation out of the General Fund of the Truk District legislature Chuuk State such sums the Legislature deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this Chapter.

Source:  TDL 25-33, 1 (85), modified.