DRAFT CSC, Title 4. The Executive
Salary and Entitlement of
Governor and Lt. Governor

A     Salary and Entitlement of Governor ( 1101-1104)
B     Salary of Lt. Governor ( 1131)

Salary and Entitlement of Governor

1101.  Short title.
1102.  Purpose.
1103.  Definitions.
1104.  Entitlement.

      1101.  Short title.
     This Subchapter Act may be cited as the "Chuuk State Executive Salary and Entitlement Act."

Source:  CSL 6-01-02, 1, modified.

Editor's note:  CSL 6-01-02 that created this Subchapter was signed into law by the Governor on August 1, 2001.

      1102.  Purpose.
     The purpose of this Chapter Act is to bring further clarity to the salary and expense requirements provided to the Governor by statute.  Chuuk State Constitution, Article V, Section 8, under subsection (a) and (b) states, "(a) except as limited by this Constitution, members of the Legislature shall receive annual salaries as presented by statute.  No member may receive as salary and expense allowance a total amount greater than 3/4 of the equivalent to which the Governor is entitled by law; (b) The expense allowance for each member of the Legislature may not exceed 1/5 of the members' annual salary."

Source:  CSL 6-01-02, 2, modified.

      1103.  Definitions.

     (1)  "Allowance" a deduction, an average payment, a portion assigned or allowed; the act of allowing.

     (2)  "Salary" a reward or recompense for services performed.  In a more limited sense, a fixed periodical compensation paid for services rendered.  A stated compensation paid periodically as by the year, month, or other fixed period, in contrast to wages which are normally based on an hourly rate.

Source:  CSL 6-01-02, 3, modified.

      1104.  Entitlement.
     For the purpose of this Chapter act, the Chuuk State Governor's salary and expenses shall include the following:

     (1 a)  A salary of $36,000 per year as defined by statute;

     (2 b)  Housing                                              $ 7,000;

     (3 c)  Vehicle;                                               $ 20,000; and

     (4 d)  Representation Allowance;               $ 37,000.

Source:  CSL 6-01-02, 4, modified.


Salary of Lt. Governor

1131.  Annual salary established; Lieutenant Governor.

      1131.  Annual salary established; Lieutenant Governor.
     The annual salary of the Lieutenant Governor shall be $33,000.

Source:  CSL 6-91, 1(2).