DRAFT CSC, Title 3. The Legislature
Pre-filing of Bills

1141.  Pre-filing procedure.

      1141.  Pre-filing procedure.
     At any time within 60 sixty days prior to the convening of a session, any member of the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature, or any member-elect, or the District Administrator Governor may pre-file legislative bills and resolutions with the Legislative Counsel's Office of the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature. The Legislative Counsel's Office is authorized to place pre-filed legislative bills and resolutions in proper form, duplicate the same for distribution, and assign a file number to them so that they will be ready for introduction on the day on which the next session convenes.

Source:  21 TDC 551, modified.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provisions on the Legislature are found in Art. V of the Chuuk State Constitution.